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    • Mike Gudalj 

      Gudalj, Allison (2018-04-25)
      This oral history is an interview with Michael Gudalj and his experiences during and after Hurricane Harvey. He was interviewed on March 25th, 2018, at his home where he told some stories about past experiences with natural ...
    • Minds of the Vampire 

      Do, My; Martinez, Veronica; Nunley, Taylor; Rundle, Francescha (2018-08-27)
      Minds of the Vampire: a podcast created and performed by My Do, Veronica Martinez, Taylor Nunley, and Francescha Rundle.
    • Minority-Owned Business and the Great Recession 

      Hayward, Tyler J. (2017)
      Current economic research suggests that there is severe racial inequalities in small business ownership, outcomes, and startup capital; this, coupled ever increasing diversity in the U.S., will only continue to grow in ...
    • Mixed insulating and conducting thermal boundary conditions in Rayleigh–Bénard convection 

      Bakhuis, Dennis; Monico, Rodolfo O. (Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2017-11)
      A series of direct numerical simulations of Rayleigh–Bénard convection, the flow in a fluid layer heated from below and cooled from above, were conducted to investigate the effect of mixed insulating and conducting boundary ...
    • Mixed thermal conditions in convection: how do continents affect the mantle’s circulation? 

      Monico, Rodolfo O. (Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2017-07)
      Natural convection is omnipresent on Earth. A basic and well-studied model for it is Rayleigh–Bénard convection, the fluid flow in a layer heated from below and cooled from above. Most explorations of Rayleigh–Bénard ...
    • Mobile Innovations in the UH Libraries 

      Vacek, Rachel; Gola, Christina; Dasler, Robin; Hoya, Billy (2010-02)
      Overview of UH Libraries’ Microgrant Program, highlighting the successes and challenges of two mobile microgrant projects, and sharing how opportunities for collaboration manifested both in and outside the library.
    • Model University Policy Regarding Faculty Publication in Scientific and Technical Scholarly Journals: A Background Paper and Review of the Issues 

      TRLN Copyright Policy Task Force (The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, 1993)
      The attached model policy was drafted by a joint committee of faculty, librarians, and university press editors from Duke University, North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. ...
    • Modeling Community Health in a Simulated City 

      Henini, Manale (2018)
      Creating a model of Houston will allow others to further their research on public health questions and policies without running into any legal or privacy violations due to laws like HIPAA. The purpose of SAM City is to use ...
    • Modeling the Tumor Micro-Environment: Infiltration of Immune Cells into Tumor Cells 

      Salazar, Adam (2017)
      Introduction. In cancer, a strong immune response is crucial to a positive patient outcome. In fact, it has been shown that “time to [cancer] recurrence and overall survival time are governed in large part by the state of ...
    • Modification of an Underwater Robot for Ocean Big Data Ferrying 

      Garcia Gonzalez, Javier (2017)
      Ocean Big Data is a rapidly expanding field with environmental, energy, and military applications. Conventional antennas are inefficient in seawater. Current communication methods such as light, sound, and magnetic inductance ...
    • Molecule Conductance in a Junction 

      Varvelo, Leonel (2018)
      Thiophenes are conducting molecules that when placed between two electrodes under applied voltage a current can be observed. Theoretically, conductance should follow an exponential decay with increasing molecule length. ...
    • Monitoring calcium activity in the blood brain barrier using GCaMP6 in Drosophila melanogaster 

      Suerte, Carl (2018)
      The blood brain barrier (bbb) is a cellular layer that encapsulates the brain and regulates interaction between certain molecules and neural circuits. Our lab has previously shown that modulation of the bbb affects behavior ...
    • Monitoring Calcium Levels in the Drosophila Brain Blood Barrier 

      Pareja, Laura (2018)
      The blood brain barrier (bbb) is a shielding layer composed of glial cells. Its job is to protect the brain from both toxins and metabolites capable of damaging neural function. In Drosophila melanogaster, it is known to ...
    • Monocular microsaccades are visual-task related 

      Gautier, Josselin; Bedell, Harold E.; Siderov, John; Waugh, Sarah J. (Journal of Vision, 2016-02)
      During visual fixation, we constantly move our eyes. These microscopic eye movements are composed of tremor, drift, and microsaccades. Early studies concluded that microsaccades, like larger saccades, are binocular and ...
    • Montreal: The Great Fire of 1852 

      Durham, Tristan (2017)
    • Moral Hopelessness and HIV/AIDS Global Paralysis 

      Small, Eusebius (University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, 2008)
      No disease ever in history, other than the plague of the 14th century, has caused such serious psychological and emotional distress, affecting families and communities as the AIDS pandemic. The United Nations AIDS Program ...
    • Mortgage Prepayment and Path-Dependent Effects of Monetary Policy 

      Berger, David; Milbradt, Konstantin; Tourre, Fabrice; Vavra, Joseph (2019-4)
      How much ability does the Fed have to stimulate the economy by cutting interest rates? We argue that the presence of substantial debt in fixed-rate, prepayable mortgages means that the ability to stimulate the economy by ...
    • Mothering as Health Security: Undocumented Mothers, Children and Medical Alienation in the United States 

      Farfán-Santos, Elizabeth (2019-01-30)
      Over generations of exclusion, undocumented Mexican immigrants have had to regularly confront a prohibiting health care system despite alienation, marginalization and the threat of deportation. In this talk, I discuss the ...
    • Motivations for DAMS migration 

      Stein, Ayla; Thompson, Santi (2015-10-27)
      Based on results from "Identifying Motivations for DAMS Migration: A Survey," this presentation discusses themes and features desired in future digital asset management systems (DAMS). It outlines specific topical areas ...