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    • V2X Meets NOMA: Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for 5G-Enabled Vehicular Networks 

      Di, Boya; Song, Lingyang; Li, Yonghui; Han, Zhu (IEEE Wireless Communications, 2017-12)
      Benefiting from widely deployed infrastructure, the LTE network has recently been considered as a promising candidate to support vehicle-to-everything (V2X) services. However, with a massive number of devices accessing the ...
    • Validation of a Low-Cost Paper-Based Screening Test for Sickle Cell Anemia 

      Piety, Nathaniel Z.; Yang, Xiaoxi; Kanter, Julie; Vignes, Seth M.; George, Alex; Shevkoplyas, Sergey S. (PLoS One, 1/6/2016)
      The high childhood mortality and life-long complications associated with sickle cell anemia (SCA) in developing countries could be significantly reduced with effective prophylaxis and education if SCA is diagnosed early ...
    • Validation of an approximate model for the thermal behavior in acoustically driven bubbles 

      Stricker, Laura; Prosperetti, Andrea; Lohse, Detlef (The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 11/16/2011)
      The chemical production of radicals inside acoustically driven bubbles is determined by the local temperature inside the bubbles. Therefore, modeling of chemical reaction rates in bubbles requires an accurate evaluation ...
    • The Validity and Utility of Student Evaluations 

      Rempel, Rex J. (University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, 2018)
      This paper explores the conundrum of student evaluations. At the end of each school term, nontenured collegiate instructors across disciplines and institutional classifications worry that student evaluations may unfairly ...
    • Validity of the International Court Systems and its Effects on Human Rights 

      Niangar, Danielle (2017)
      My research analyzed current literature regarding the international court of Justice and International Criminal Court in order to measure its validity and effectiveness in enforcing international human rights in today’s ...
    • Value-added Taxes in the 21st Century 

      Crawford, Jackson (2017)
      The border adjustment tax, an extremely close cousin of the VAT, has been one policy discussed by Congressional Republicans as a part of potential tax reform. Various forms of the VAT have been included in numerous political ...
    • Vamp It Up and Make It Better: Auditing and Upgrading Metadata in the UH Digital Library 

      Thompson, Santi; Wu, Annie (2013-03-21)
      Since 2009 the University of Houston Libraries have expanded access to the rare and special collections through the University of Houston Digital Library (UHDL). Three years and nearly 50,000 digital items later, UHDL has ...
    • Vampire Cults 

      Moser, Koy; Albert, Jack; Wilson, Jared; Nyairo, Michael (2018-08-27)
      Vampiric Cults: an experimental podcast created and performed by Michael Nyairo, Jared Wilson, Jack Albert, and Koy Moser.
    • Vampires and Advertising 

      Coleman, Madison; Butler, Katie; Rachel, Maddux; Wilson, Vini (2018-08-27)
      Vampires and Advertising: a podcast created and performed by Madison Coleman, Katie Butler, Rachel Maddux, and Vini Wilson.
    • Vampires and Sex 

      Jun, Cosmo; Hurtado, Daniel; Martinez, Ricardo; Pineda, Veronica (2018-08-27)
      Vampires and Sexuality: a podcast created and performed by Cosmo Jun, Daniel Hurtado, Ricardo Martinez, and Veronica Pineda.
    • Vampires vs. Witches 

      Charo, Erica; Dang, Carolyn; Redding, Quenton; Zakhireh, Isabella (2018-08-27)
      Vampires vs. Witches: a podcast created and performed by Erica Charo, Carolyn Dang, Quenton Redding, and Isabella Zakhireh.
    • Vampires: From Bad to Good 

      Peavy, Michael; Alvarez, Anthony; Roark, Thomas; McCormack, Carter (2018-08-27)
      Vampires: From Bad to Good: a podcast created and performed by Michael Peavy, Anthony Alvarez, Thomas Roark, Carter McCormack.
    • Verification of Chromosomal Inversions along the tgrB1-C1 loci in Dictyostelium discoideum 

      Farahvashi, Patrick (2017)
      Chromosomal inversions readily occur in nature, but their effects have not been thoroughly studied. Dictyostelium discoideum is a social amoeba, that when depleted of food, aggregate into multicellular fruiting bodies ...
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