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    • La representación de la muerte como vida en la narrativa de García Márquez 

      Marrugo-Puello, Cecilia (2018)
      In a number of literary pieces in the western world tradition, death has typically been represented as an obscure episode related to mourning and sadness, brought about by ceasing of life or the departure of a dear one. ...
    • Labor Market Power 

      Berger, David; Herkenhoff, Kyle; Mongey, Simon (2019-04)
      What are the welfare implications of labor market power? We provide an answer to this question in two steps: (1) we develop a tractable quantitative, general equilibrium, oligopsony model of the labor market, (2) we estimate ...
    • Lactobacillus reuteri as an enhancer of milk production via the hypothalamic-pituitary axis 

      Nguyen, Nicholas (2018)
      The microbiome has been shown to influence the secretion of the hormone oxytocin. Milk production depends on the ability of the pituitary to secrete prolactin and oxytocin. Lactobacillus reuteri, a Gram-positive gut symbiont, ...
    • Language Correlates of Achievement in Children with Math Difficulties 

      Ochoa Lopez, Andrea (2018)
      Many factors are believed to predict math performance. One of such factors is language, and yet the relations between certain relevant language variables and specific math outcomes have not been fully studied. This project ...
    • Large crowding zones in peripheral vision for briefly presented stimuli 

      Tripathy, Srimant P.; Cavanagh, Patrick; Bedell, Harold E. (Journal of Vision, 2014-12)
      When a target is flanked by distractors, it becomes more difficult to identify. In the periphery, this crowding effect extends over a wide range of target-flanker separations, called the spatial extent of interaction (EoI). ...
    • Large Scale Docking of Chemical Compound Against CDK20 

      Nazarian, Amir; Wang, Xin; Yu, Fang; Liu, Yu (2017)
      Regulation of the eukaryotic cell cycle is directed by the activation of cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs). CDK’s are known to interact with cyclins and are inhibited by enzymes like p27. Literature has identified CDK20 as ...
    • Last Words in the Texas Death Chamber: Implications for Theory, Practice & Research 

      Willis, Nicole (University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, 2005)
      A qualitative study was conducted to investigate thematic components of the last words given by death row inmates in Texas between 1982 and 2004 at the time of execution. Last words were available from the Texas Department ...
    • Launching 

      Riley, Jenn; Weidner, Andrew (2014-10-28)
      As library publishing becomes increasingly synonymous with offering traditional journal publishing services, it’s critical that libraries also engage in experimental publishing initiatives. Recent experimental publishing ...
    • Laura Biagi 

      Biagi, Laura (2017-09-19)
      Laura is a first-year MFA in fiction at UH. She grew up in small-town Kentucky, earned her BA in Creative Writing and Anthropology from Northwestern University, and most recently worked as a literary agent in New York City.
    • Lay theories of suicide: An examination of culturally-relevant suicide beliefs and attributions 

      Walker, Rheeda L.; Lester, David; Joe, Sean (Journal of Black Psychology, 2006-08)
      The purpose of this study was to examine African Americans' lay beliefs and attributions toward suicide. The Attitudes Toward Suicide Scale, Life Ownership Orientation Questionnaire, Stigma Questionnaire, and Suicide ...
    • Learn It Together and Learn It Well: Forming a Linked Data Study Group at University of Houston Libraries 

      Liu, Xiping; Vandale, Susan; Hood, Martha; McDaniel, Marla (2009-04-15)
      Since September 2018, the cataloging librarians from the three branches of University of Houston libraries (UH Main, UH Clear Lake and UH Downtown) formed a study group with the goal of understanding the concepts of BIBFRAME ...
    • Lessons from Bridge2Hyku Phase One 

      Crocken, Todd; Washington, Anne; Watkins, Sean; Weidner, Andrew (2018-05-16)
      As part of Phase One of the Bridge2Hyku project, the project team at University of Houston will be creating reports on the digital collection environments at various institutions and on the requirements and limitations of ...
    • Lessons Learned: A Primo Usability Study 

      Brett, Kelsey; Turner, Cherie; Lierman, Ashley (Library & Information Technology Association (LITA), 2016-03-01)
      The University of Houston Libraries implemented Primo as the primary search option on the library website in May 2014. In May 2015, the Libraries released a redesigned interface to improve user experience with the tool. ...
    • Let it ROAR: Expanding University of Houston’s Open Access Services 

      Wu, Annie; Thompson, Santi; Davis-Van Atta, Taylor; Washington, Anne; Scott, Bethany; Liu, Xiping (2018-10-17)
      As part of the University of Houston (UH) Libraries’ 2017-2021 Strategic Plan, a cross-departmental implementation team was formed to expand our open access research repository services beyond electronic theses and ...
    • Let’s Talk About Dates: Coming to Terms with Diverse/Divergent Practices around Dates in ETD Metadata 

      Potvin, Sarah; Thompson, Santi (2015-09-09)
      As theses and dissertations have evolved in format from shelved print resources to electronic files housed in institutional repositories, recordkeeping practices have been developed to account for the description of theses’ ...
    • Librarians Using Mobile Devices 

      Vacek, Rachel (2009-07-10)
      At the University of Houston Libraries, we wrote a microgrant for prototyping mobile services on iPod Touch devices. We looked not only at user needs and expectations, but we also looked at how librarians are using mobile ...
    • The Library Makes its Small Screen Debut: Using the iPod Touch to Trial Library Services on Mobile Devices 

      Vacek, Rachel; Arellano, Veronica; Bennett, Miranda; Coombs, Karen; Dasler, Robin (2009-03)
      This poster presentation was given at the Association of College & Research Libraries National Conference in Seattle, WA, in March 2009.
    • Library Mobile Web Design: Tips, Tricks and Resources 

      Vacek, Rachel; Williams, Berika (2011-10-22)
      Going mobile with your website? This presentation will walk you through some things to consider when thinking about the functionality and content of your library’s mobile presence, and point to useful tools for building ...
    • Library Residents on the Bleeding Edge: Delivering Value through Innovation, Leadership, and Inclusion 

      Santiago, Ariana; Arnold-Garza, Sara; Linares, Rosalinda (2015-03-26)
      This poster highlights cutting-edge projects produced by current and former residency librarians. Projects will illustrate the pillars of a residency experience: the role of the residency librarian as a catalyst for ...
    • Library Websites of the Future 

      Vacek, Rachel (2014-11-13)
      This presentation highlights current web design trends, agile development methodologies, and current trends in library research, user behaviors, and the implications of Lorcan Dempsey's concept of Inside Out libraries and ...