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    • Bacillus pumilus SAFR-032 Genome Revisited: Sequence Update and Re-Annotation 

      Stepanov, Victor G.; Tirumalai, Madhan R.; Montazari, Saied; Checinska, Aleksandra; Venkateswaran, Kasthuri; Fox, George E. (PLoS One, 6/28/2016)
      Bacillus pumilus strain SAFR-032 is a non-pathogenic spore-forming bacterium exhibiting an anomalously high persistence in bactericidal environments. In its dormant state, it is capable of withstanding doses of ultraviolet ...
    • Bacillus safensis FO-36b and Bacillus pumilusSAFR-032: a whole genome comparison of two spacecraft assembly facility isolates 

      Tirumalai, Madhan R.; Stepanov, Victor G.; Wünsche, Andrea; Montazari, Saied; Gonzalez, Tacquel O.; Venkateswaran, Kasthuri; Fox, George E. (BMC Microbiology, 6/8/2018)
      Bacillus strains producing highly resistant spores have been isolated from cleanrooms and space craft assembly facilities. Organisms that can survive such conditions merit planetary protection concern and if that resistance ...
    • Backscattering of Underwater Noise by Bubble Clouds 

      Sarkar, Kausik; Prosperetti, Andrea (The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 1993-06)
      This paper is a continuation of an earlier one [Prosperetti et al., J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 93, XXX (1993)] in which the low?frequency backscattering of sound by hemispherical bubble clouds at the ocean’s surface was studied. ...
    • Backwards in Heels: Partnering for Learner-centered Pedagogy in Online Modules 

      Lierman, Ashley (EDUCAUSE, 2015-10-28)
      This poster describes the process by which librarians at the University of Houston collaborated with one another and with teaching faculty in the English department to develop and pilot a learner-centered online learning ...
    • Bacterial genotyping by 16S rRNA mass cataloging 

      Jackson, George W.; McNichols, Roger J.; Fox, George E.; Willson, Richard C. (BMC Bioinformatics, 2006-06)
      Background: It has recently been demonstrated that organism identifications can be recovered from mass spectra using various methods including base-specific fragmentation of nucleic acids. Because mass spectrometry is ...
    • Bailey Mustain - Bachelor of Music - Junior Recital 

      Mustain, Bailey
      Cello Suite : Prelude / J.S. Bach (1685-1750)--Serenade / Franz Schubert (1872-1958)-- Concerto for Bass Tuba (1954) : Allegro Moderato; Romanza / R. Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)
    • Barbara Drumheller 

      Drumheller, Barbara (2016-10-12)
      Barbara Drumheller graduated with a BA in Literature and a BBA in Finance from the University of Texas. She went from there to Texas Tech University in Lubbock where she earned a J.D. She spent quite a few years writing ...
    • Basic Querying with SPARQL 

      Weidner, Andrew (2015-04-23)
      The SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language is an essential linked data technology used to create, maintain, and retrieve RDF information. This session will provide an introduction to basic SPARQL query syntax including ...
    • Batch It: A Quicker Way to Bring ETDs into the Bibliographic Utility 

      Wu, Annie; Thompson, Santi (2013-02-28)
      As the University of Houston moves toward an all-electronic thesis and dissertation submission process, the ability to provide efficient description and access to the increased volume of ETDs is more important than ever. ...
    • Bayou City DAMS: Implementation Phase One, Outside the Box 

      Weidner, Andrew; Watkins, Sean; Scott, Bethany; Krewer, Drew; Washington, Anne; Richardson, Matthew; Wu, Annie; Thompson, Santi (2016-12-08)
      This presentation was given by members of the Bayou City DAMS implementation team in an Open Forum to the UH Libraries. The presentation provides an overview of the open source software tools developed and adopted by the ...
    • Bayou City DAMS: Outside the Box 

      Weidner, Andrew; Watkins, Sean; Scott, Bethany; Washington, Anne; Wu, Annie; Thompson, Santi; Richardson, Matthew (2017-01-11)
      The University of Houston (UH) Libraries made an institutional commitment in late 2015 to migrate the data for its digitized cultural heritage collections to open source systems for preservation and access: Hydra-in-a-Box, ...
    • Bayou City DAMS: Post-Harvey & Pre-Hyrax 

      Weidner, Andrew; Watkins, Sean; Washington, Anne; Elizondo, Marcus; Scott, Bethany; Crocken, Todd (2018-05-15)
      This is a lightning talk delivered at the May 2018 South Central States Fedora Users Group meeting held at the J.J. Pickle Research Campus in Austin, Texas. The talk provides updates on the Bayou City Digital Asset Management ...
    • BeagleBone in Space 

      Chapa, Miguel; Hajdek, Dalibor; Primm, Corey; Treviño, Irvin (2017)
      The objective of the 'BeagleBone in Space' project is to create a data acquisition device using a BeagleBone Black microcomputer that allows for the transmission of data from the EXPRESS Racks located on the ISS to Earth ...
    • Beatrice Delgado 

      Hernandez, Vanesa (2018-04-25)
      This is an oral history interview with Beatrice Delgado conducted as part of the Hurricane Harvey Oral History Project. Mrs. Delgado was interviewed on March 17, 2018 at her home. This interview shares Mrs. Delgado's ...
    • Behavioral Approach to Improve Insomnia in Older Adults 

      Chacon, Alida (2019-04-12)
      Insomnia is a sleep disorder highly prevalent, especially among older adults, and it is associated with cognitive impairment, increased risk for falls, depression, decreased quality of life, and increased healthcare ...
    • Benefit finding as a moderator of the relationship between spirituality/religiosity and drinking 

      Foster, Dawn W.; Quist, Michelle C.; Young, Chelsie M.; Bryan, Jennifer L.; Nguyen, Mai-Ly; Neighbors, Clayton (Addictive Behaviors, 2013-11)
      This study evaluated benefit finding as a moderator of the relationship between spiritual and religious attitudes and drinking. Previous research indicates that undergraduates who drink heavily experience negative ...
    • Benefits and Strategic Outcomes: Are Supplemental Retirement Plans and Safer Driving Related in the U.S. Trucking Industry? 

      Werner, Steve; Kuiate, Christian S.; Noland, Thomas R.; Francia, Arthur J. (Human Resource Management, 9/13/2016)
      We suggest that a firm's benefits can relate to important organizational outcomes that have strategic implications. We propose a number of mechanisms that could relate benefits to strategic outcomes, including the notion ...
    • Berlin Germany: The Disaster of WWII 

      Zepeda, Michael (2017)
    • Bernardo Medeiros - Certificate in Music Performance - Certificate Recital 

      Medeiros, Bernardo
      Shenandoah / Anonymous--Die Schöne Müllerin : 2. Wohin; 4. Danksagung an den Bach; 11. Mein! / Franz Schubert (1797-1828)--Beau Soir; La mer est plus belle / Claude Debussy (1862-1918)--L’invitation au voyage; La vie ...
    • Beyond Autoantibodies: Biologic Roles of Human Autoreactive B Cells in Rheumatoid Arthritis Revealed by RNA?Sequencing 

      Mahendra, Ankit; Yang, Xingyu; Abnouf, Shaza; Adolacion, Jay R.T.; Park, Daechan; Soomro, Sanam; Roszik, Jason; Coarfa, Cristian; Romain, Gabrielle; Wanzeck, Keith; Bridges, Louis Jr. S.; Aggarwal, Amita; Qiu, Peng; Agarwal, Sandeep K.; Mohan, Chandra; Varadarajan, Navin (Arthritis and Rheumatism, 2017-06)
      Objective:To obtain the comprehensive transcriptome profile of human citrulline?specific B cells from patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Methods:Citrulline? and hemagglutinin?specific B cells were sorted by flow ...