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    • Black Observatory 

      Murray, Christopher Brean (May 2018)
      Black Observatory is a collection of poems that explores the fantasies, fears, and obsessions of an unnamed speaker who often makes his way through ominously strange landscapes. The speaker is frequently alienated from ...
    • Bottle, Beloved, & Book 

      Brandt, Rhianna (May 2018)
      It is a creative dissertation and does not have an abstract.
    • Lyric Vistas: Genre and the American Long Poem from Whitman to Neruda (1855-1950) 

      Singer, Erin C (August 201)
      The purpose of this study is to take a wide-open view of hemispheric American poetry. World literature and genre studies constitute the framework for analyzing three book-length poems that hybridize epic and lyric modes ...
    • The Moorean Oculus: Observations of the Unconventional in the Late Works of Marianne Moore 

      Ramos, Abigale L (2019-09-14)
      Marianne Moore, modernist poet, left behind drafts of poetry within her various numbers of notebooks which are preserved in the Marianne Moore Digital Archive. Incorporating these early drafts of her work allows for a more ...