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    • Avatar Creation and Customization for Health Games 

      Chen, Cheng 1988- (2014-05)
      Creating 3D avatars that realistically depict a user is very difficult and time consuming. Most 3D avatars are created manually by artists, and personalization options are few. Because 3D scan is an emerging technology, ...
    • Marsh Explorer Game 

      Vashisht, Sonal 1987- (2013-05)
      An ecosystem is a community of plants and animals, which interact with the environmental system for common resources like water, air, and soil. Several human-related activities or climatic changes affect these communities, ...
    • Nightmare Runner: A Personalized Avatar and Physical Activity Game 

      Rajendran, Madhur 1990-; 0000-0002-9385-2493 (2016-05)
      In this thesis, a novel method to calculate energy expenditure of subjects using the Microsoft Kinect is presented. There are two main types of methods used in calorimetry, direct and indirect. Direct calorimetry involves ...