2022 Summer Evidence-Based Practice Posters – NURS 3337

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This collection gathers projects developed in the Gessner College of Nursing's Summer 2022 NURS 3337 course


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    The Effectiveness of Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy on Motor Function of Stroke Patients
    (2022-08-01) Cain, Robert; Attaway, Austin; Gonzalez, Jonathan
    According to seven different peer reviewed research articles Constraint Induced Movement Therapy is at the forefront of Stroke rehabilitation. In comparison with alternative therapies, CIMT has shown marked improvement related to recovery and balance. Throughout the multitude of evaluatory tools used in each article all indicators show a positive trend pointing toward CIMT as a superior alternative.
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    The Effectiveness of Avagard Over Traditional Hand Scrubbing in Preventing Surgical Site Infections
    (2022-07-29) Ellis, Jenna; Canales, Shelby; Leedy, Lauren
    Multiple studies have been conducted and have found that Avagard (anti-septic hand scrub) is more effective and efficient than traditional hand scrub in preventing surgical site infections. Surgical site infections have been found to be the most common and costly hospital acquired infections. We used the ASEPSIS scoring tool in order to assess the surgical site for signs on infection. Throughout the poster, it describes the key findings, evaluation of results and a background on the topic.
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    The Effect of Mindfulness-Based Interventions on the Stress Experienced by Emergency Department Nurses
    (2022-07-29) Bell, Rebecca; Glebus, Bianca; Moballegh, Ali
    Emergency room nurses experience high levels of stress. The high levels of stress can lead to nurse burnout and high turnover rates. Interventions to reduce ER nurse stress include organizational-directed interventions and individual-focused interventions. Individual focused interventions are further divided into mindfulness-based interventions and education interventions. Implementing Mindfulness-Based training workshops increase the nurse's ability to cope and improve well-being.
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    Breast Milk Versus Formula Feeding's Influence on Length of Stay for Patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
    (2022-07-29) Omwoyo, Sydney; Vecera, Celeste; Williams, Callie
    Prematurity in infants directly influences perinatal mortality and childhood disability, which affects nearly 15 million babies each year. Premature infants born at less than 30 weeks gestation will also have a 20x increased risk of developing necrotizing enterocolitis if they are exclusively formula-fed. Exclusively breast-fed infants have a decreased likelihood of developing infections such as necrotizing enterocolitis and sepsis, thus resulting in a decreased stay of the neonate in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
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    Using an Instagram Reel to Increase the HPV Vaccination Rate Among Black and Hispanic Women
    (2022) Anyasor, Chiamaka; Bonner, Deatra; Lopez, Jennifer
    Does an Instagram Reel about the HPV vaccine increase the HPV vaccination rate among Black and Hispanic women compared to their counterparts who do not see the Instagram Reel about the HPV vaccine?
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    The Effectiveness of Incorporating Telehealth in Emergency Rooms to Reduce Hospital Costs
    (2022) Cook, Rhett; Dang, Monica; Cepeda, David
    Emergency department visits are expensive. With a growing patient population, emergency departments have seen an increase in unnecessary, non-emergent patients. Hospital revenues are affected as resources must be allocated to these unnecessary visits. The use of telehealth by these departments may serve as a cost-effective method to reduce unnecessary visits to the emergency room.
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    The Effect of Wearable Electronic Hand Washing Monitoring Systems on ICU Patients with Clostridium difficile Infections
    (2022-08-01) Wyatt, James; Brooks, Gabrielle; Puglisi, Megan
    In this presentation, the effectiveness of electronic hand washing badges on hand hygiene is compared to compliance rates with secret shopping methods. Clostridium difficile rates have been increasing in numbers and account for a large portion of hospital-acquired infections in the ICU. Electronic hand washing badges have shown to be effective at reducing the incidence of Clostridium difficle in intensive care units (ICU) after their implementation.
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    Using Patient Navigators to Improve Adherence to Treatment in Breast Cancer Patients from Lower Socioeconomic Classes
    (2022-07-29) Corker, Alyssa; Williams, Cleopatra; Wimberly, Dellaney
    Breast cancer patients from lower socioeconomic backgrounds have less access to resources, putting them at a disadvantage in accessing and completing their treatment. The breast cancer patient population most affected includes those whose income level falls below the federal poverty line, have an equivalent education level of high school graduate or less, and qualify for Medicaid assistance. Additionally, 50% of patients without navigators abandoned treatment, while only 6% of patients with navigators failed to complete treatment. Many studies show that access to patient navigators is a crucial factor in an integrated cancer care system, and a proactive way to increase the adherence to treatment plans while delivering effective patient-centered care.
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    The Benefits of an HPV Vaccination Education Program on Improving HPV Vaccination Rates
    (2022) Staley, Allison; Thoede, Kristalyn; Huerta, Molly
    In adolescents ages 9-18 what is the effect of an HPV vaccination education program on improving HPV vaccine series completion rate compared to those who do not receive the education? The purpose of this research is to prove that an increase in HPV knowledge will lead to an increase in HPV vaccination completion rates.
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    The Effects of Virtual Reality Play on Depression Rates in Hospitalized Adolescents Diagnosed with Cancer
    (2022-07) Faz, Michelle; Kumar, Divya; Port, Autumn
    This project examines the effects of virtual reality play on depression rates in hospitalized adolescents with cancer. The evidence shows that adolescents with cancer experience higher rates of depression than adolescents without cancer, and that the use of video game and virtual reality play in this population during hospitalization correlates with a significant decrease in depression rates, as well as a decrease in pain levels and fatigue.
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    Implementation of Aromatherapy for the Reduction of Stress Among ICU Nurses
    (2022) Cuevas, Cinthia; Duhon, Grace; T’Keyah, Sandlers
    The prevalence of stress among Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurses has significantly increased in recent years. The increase in patient to nurse ratio, or “duty overload,” accounts for the highest amount of stress in ICU nurses. 51.24% of ICU nurses report experiencing a medium level of stress and 44.82% report a high level of stress. Aromatherapy has shown to decrease an individual's level of stress and promote relaxation and higher energy levels.
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    The Effect of Breastfeeding on Postpartum Hypertension
    (2022) Saulter, Imani; Bonner, Kaylen
    The focus of this presentation is to determine whether there are positive health outcomes for mothers over the age of 40 who have breastfed. Research has shown that longer durations of lactation can reduce hypertension in mothers. It is recommended to educate and encourage breastfeeding for up to 12 months to improve cardiovascular health of postpartum women.
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    Using Music to Reduce Anxiety Rates in Female Pre-Op Patients
    (2022-07) Morton, Falicia; Page, Joshua; Hopmann, Chelsea
    In female patients, preoperative anxiety is common and can increase postoperative pain, impair wound healing, and reduce surgery satisfaction. Anxiety will be measured by patient interviews, assessment of blood pressure and heart rate, and is best measured before and after elective surgery. Studies show music as an excellent form of treatment to reduce preop anxiety. Moreover, female patients that listen to music prior to gynecological surgery have reduced anxiety levels compared to patients without music.
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    The Effect of Virtual Counseling Services Regarding Burnout Amongst NICU Nurses
    (2022-07-30) Rodriguez, Elizabeth; Sauceda, Alyssa; Yau, Jenna
    In nurses within the neonatal intensive care unit, what is the effect of bi-weekly virtual counseling services on burnout compared with current practices within a 3-month period?
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    Expanding Awareness of HIV Contraction in Adolescents Using TikTok
    (2022) Sam, Natica; Jacobsen, Jake; Johnson, Jamaal
    In adolescents aged 18-25 (P), what is the effect of an educational video via TikTok (I), compared to traditional teaching methods (C), on the improvement of HIV transmission, treatment, and prevention (O)?
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    Skin to Skin Contact Between Mothers and Their Babies in the NICU and the Effects on Mothers’ Stress & Anxiety
    (2022-07-31) Enriquez, Monica; Guzman, Lizeth; Heng, Elaine
    Mothers with infants admitted to the NICU report significantly higher levels of anxiety and stress compared to infants not admitted to the NICU, attributed to the disruption in their instinctual maternal role to hold, care for, and protect their infant. Mothers have to be separated from their neonate who is taken into critical care where they are stabilized which causes deep separation anxiety and other related mental health problems for NICU mothers. Skin to skin contact (SSC) stimulates natural oxytocin release and inversely decreases cortisol levels, heart rate, and blood pressure in these mothers. SSC between neonatal patients and their mothers has been shown to be effective in decreasing anxiety and stress in mothers of NICU patients.
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    How Mandating 15 Minute Breaks Decreases Stress and Anxiety for Intraoperative Nurses
    (2022-07) Chiu, Hannah; Gill, Dilmanpreet; Hall, Baylie
    Perioperative nurses who are responsible for the care and treatment of operating room patients are more likely to experience anxiety and stress. It has been found that 70.3% of nurses are in a state of job stress caused by emotional exhaustion and depersonalization, which has a negative effect on workplace efficiency. Implementing microbreaks was seen to be beneficial to the surgical team, allowing time to stretch, reduce fatigue, and decrease discomfort. Multiple studies have found that taking breaks during shifts, provided perioperative nurses with a mental rest to decrease stress.
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    The Use of Vitamin D In Preventing Preeclampsia In Pregnant Diabetic Patients
    (2022) Hoffman, Kaley; Kurtz, Charity; Nguyen, Nicholas
    Increasing vitamin D supplementation from the average 400 IU found in prenatal vitamins to over 400 IU in pregnant diabetic patients helps to reduce the risk for preeclampsia. 
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    The Effect of a Respite Room on the Severity of Secondary Traumatic Stress in Pediatric Oncology Nurses
    (2022) Rubio, Vanessa; Aslam, Mahwash; Sosa, Karla
    The stress that pediatric oncology nurses endure leads to compassion fatigue which in turn leads to poor retention rates, increasing the workload of remaining nurses which then continues the cycle. Three components of compassion fatigue include secondary traumatic stress, compassion satisfaction, and burnout. Research has found a significant negative relationship between compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue while a strong positive relationship was observed between compassion fatigue and burnout. The use of a respite room is deemed to be effective against compassion fatigue amongst pediatric oncology nurses.
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    Building Confidence in Nurses to Detect and Take Action Against Human Trafficking (HT) Amongst Pediatric Patients 
    (2022) Pham, Kaitlyn; Boyce, Kathleen; Chang, Peter
    Human trafficking is a prevalent problem in America, and the average age of a human trafficking victim is 15.1 A total of 88% of sex trafficking victims have been in contact with a health care worker while being trafficked.2 The need for a clear, concise, and well-rounded human trafficking training program, specifically for pediatric nurses is evident. Numerous studies have been done to show the necessity for a more universal training program.4 Multiple studies have shown that by providing a thorough human trafficking training program, where the instructors provide a more trauma approach style with real case scenarios can give nurses the confidence to quickly identify these young victims.