HRMA 4343: Financial Administration for the Hospitality Industry

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This collection includes course materials developed by Agnes DeFranco and Arlene Ramirez for HRMA 4343: Financial Administration for the Hospitality Industry.


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    HRMA 4343 Project 2
    (2021-09-01) DeFranco, Agnes; Ramirez, Arlene
    This project was developed for HRMA 4343: Financial Administration for the Hospitality Industry. Using EXCEL, set up all given parameters for calculations. Label all variables properly. Then: 1. Calculate the cost of debt, cost of equity, and the weighted cost of capital (15%), 2. Estimate the net cash flows for this project for its entire life (all years) using both the NCF formula (10%) and the regular income statement format (35%), 3. Calculate Payback (5%), Net Present Value (10%), and Internal Rate of Return (10%), 4. Determine whether HMT should make this investment under each capital budgeting criterion. Present all calculations and explain the rationale in full sentences and paragraphs such as the definitions of the methods used and how each decision is derived. Grammar and content are both important (15%). All Rights Reserved.
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    HRMA 4343 Project 1 Analysis of Financial Health
    (2021-09-01) DeFranco, Agnes; Ramirez, Arlene
    Your assignment is to download the financial statements of your assigned company and perform the following: Use this website to access your information: a. Income statement – vertical and horizontal analyses. b. Balance sheet – vertical and horizontal analyses. c. Statement of cash flow – horizontal analysis. d. Ratios – calculate at least six ratios of your choice from the following categories: liquidity, solvency, activity, and profitability. Since you will be comparing these ratios to the industry standards, please consult the RMA standards so you will be calculating ratios that have available standards with which to compare. e. Comment on the financial health of your assigned company by using the results of each of the above sections. The written comments need not be extensive but should cover the important points and extraordinary items. For example, in the income statement analysis, you should explain what a vertical and what horizontal analysis mean. Select the accounts that have the highest dollar differences and highest percentage differences and comment on them. All Rights Reserved.