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    • Efficacy of web-based personalized normative feedback: A two-year randomized controlled trial 

      Neighbors, Clayton; Lewis, Melissa A.; Atkins, David C.; Jensen, Megan M.; Walter, Theresa; Fossos, Nicole; Lee, Christine M.; Larimer, Mary E. (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 2010-12)
      Objective: Web-based brief alcohol interventions have the potential to reach a large number of individuals at low cost; however, few controlled evaluations have been conducted to date. The present study was designed to ...
    • RCT of web-based personalized normative feedback for college drinking prevention: Are typical student norms good enough? 

      LaBrie, Joseph W.; Lewis, Melissa A.; Atkins, David C.; Neighbors, Clayton; Zheng, Cheng; Kenney, Shannon R.; Napper, Lucy E.; Walter, Theresa; Kilmer, Jason R.; Hummer, Justin F.; Grossbard, Joel; Ghaidarov, Tehniat M.; Desai, Sruti; Lee, Christine M.; Larimer, Mary E. (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 2013-12)
      Objectives: Personalized normative feedback (PNF) interventions are generally effective at correcting normative misperceptions and reducing risky alcohol consumption among college students. However, research has yet to ...
    • Social-norms interventions for light and nondrinking students 

      Neighbors, Clayton; Jensen, Megan M.; Tidwell, Judy; Walter, Theresa; Fossos, Nicole; Lewis, Melissa A. (Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 2011-09)
      Social-norms approaches to alcohol prevention are based on consistent findings that most students overestimate the prevalence of drinking among their peers. Most interventions have been developed for heavy-drinking students, ...