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    • Highly focused supersonic microjets 

      Tagawa, Yoshikuyi; Oudalov, Nikolai; Visser, Claas Willem; Peters, Ivo R.; van der Meer, Devaraj; Sun, Chao; Prosperetti, Andrea; Lohse, Detlef (Physical Review X, 7/9/2012)
      This paper describes the production of thin, focused microjets with velocities of up to 850 m/s by the rapid vaporization of a small mass of liquid in an open liquid-filled capillary. The vaporization is caused by the ...
    • Highly focused supersonic microjets: numerical simulations 

      Peters, Ivo R.; Tagawa, Yoshikuyi; Oudalov, Nikolai; Sun, Chao; Prosperetti, Andrea; Lohse, Detlef; van der Meer, Devaraj (Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 9/28/2012)
      By focusing a laser pulse inside a capillary partially filled with liquid, a vapour bubble is created which emits a pressure wave. This pressure wave travels through the liquid and creates a fast, focused axisymmetric ...