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    • Multifaceted role of BTLA in the control of CD8+ T cell fate after antigen encounter 

      Ritthipichai, Krit; Haymaker, Cara L.; Martinez-Paniagua, Melisa A.; Aschenbrenner, Andrew; Yi, Xiaohui; Zhang, Minying; Kale, Charuta; Vence, Luis M.; Roszik, Jason; Hailemichael, Yared; Overwijk, William W.; Varadarajan, Navin; Nurieva, Roza; Radvanyi, Laszlo G.; Hwu, Patrick; Bernatchez, Chantale (Clinical Cancer Research, 2018-10)
      Purpose: Adoptive T-cell therapy using autologous tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) has shown an overall clinical response rate 40%–50% in metastatic melanoma patients. BTLA (B-and-T lymphocyte associated) expression ...
    • Single-cell Profiling of Dynamic Cytokine Secretion and the Phenotype of Immune Cells 

      An, Xingyue; Sendra, Victor G.; Liadi, Ivan; Ramesh, Balakrishnan; Romain, Gabrielle; Haymaker, Cara L.; Martinez-Paniagua, Melisa A.; Lu, Yanbin; Radvanyi, Laszlo G.; Roysam, Badrinath; Varadarajan, Navin (PLoS ONE, 2017-08)
      Natural killer (NK) cells are a highly heterogeneous population of innate lymphocytes that constitute our first line of defense against several types of tumors and microbial infections. Understanding the heterogeneity of ...