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    • C-polars in lattice-ordered groups 

      Fiore, Joseph Salvine (1972)
      Throughout this abstract G will denote a lattice-ordered group ("[cursive l]-group") and C will denote a convex [cursive l]-subgroup of G. This dissertation is primarily interested in studying the role that C-polars play ...
    • C. B. 

      Bullis, Jerell Wayne, Jr. (1976)
      The often puzzling and complex human factor of conscience has attracted Twentieth Century authors as a efficient stage device interesting both as a subject and as reflection of the puzzling and complex century itself. A ...
    • C4d Deposits on the Surface of Red Blood Cells in Trauma Patients and Interferes with their Function 

      Muroya, Takashi; Kannan, Lakshmi; Ghiran, Ionita C.; Shevkoplyas, Sergey S.; Paz, Ziv; Tsokos, Maria; Dalle Lucca, Jurandir J.; Shapiro, Nathan I.; Tsokos, George C. (Critical Care Medicine, 5/1/2015)
      Objective Complement system is activated in patients with trauma. Although complement activation is presumed to contribute to organ damage and constitutional symptoms, little is known about the involved mechanisms. Because ...
    • Cait Weiss 

      Weiss, Cait (2016-10-12)
      Cait Weiss is a Los Angeles native, a New Yorker by heritage, an Ohioan by heart &, finally, a Texan by luck. She has led creative writing workshops at The Ohio State University, Young Writers Workshop, New York Writers ...
    • Caitlyn Frazee - Bachelor of Music - Junior Recital 

      Frazee, Caitlyn (2020-04)
      Sonata / Lawson Lunde (1935-2019)--Dialogues / Fisher Tull (1934-1994)--Three Songs Without Words / Paul Ben-Haim (1897-1984)--Tableaux de Provence / Paule Maurice (1910-1967)
    • Calculus for the v-integral 

      Finch, Leiko Hatta (1972)
      Since F. Riesz showed in 1909 that the dual of C[0,l] is BV[0,l] (the functions of bounded variation on [0,1] with
    • Calgary, Canada "The Great Fire of 1886" 

      Wang, Ashley (2017)
      Every city has experienced a major disaster, some cities survived and learned from it, some did not. This project is going to find the biggest disaster from individual’s case city and explore how did resolve the problem ...
    • CaliALI 

      Hong, Mitchell; Nguyen, David; Nguyen, Paul; Prajapati, Parth; Sanford, Michael (2017)
      UC Berkley’s study found 60% of respondents reported upper extremity or neck pain attributed to computer use. The team’s goal is to create plug-and-play hardware designed to articulate automatically to a user to optimize ...
    • Calibration of Effective Pressure Coefficient for the Gulf of Mexico 

      Yu, Hua (2013-05)
      Pore pressure prediction provides an important risk assessment in the oil and gas industry. It is widely used to estimate the seal integrity, reservoir pressure compartmentalization, hydrocarbon column height, and to design ...

      Forouzannia, Faranak (2014-12)
      Calibration of the flexural resistance factors in the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Official’s (AASHTO) Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) format is performed for bridge girders prestressed ...
    • California and Texas Secondary Science Teachers' Perceptions about climate change 

      Khalidi, Rana (2018-05)
      Background: Science teachers’ perceptions about climate change can affect their instruction in the classroom. Teachers’ misconceptions about this topic can be problematic since scientifically inaccurate ideas may be ...
    • California's Fruit Cocktail: A History of Industrial Food Production, the State, and the Environment of Northern California 

      Statz, Stephanie 1977- (2012-12)
      In the twentieth century, canned food became ubiquitous in the United States. As Americans moved to new environments, such as cities, food became more difficult to grow or catch, and people became dependant on food markets. ...
    • Calms in Melville's prose works 

      Friederich, Reinhard H. (1966)
      This study traces the development of Herman Melville's prose by means of a continuously present symbolic condition, the state of external or internal calm. Melville's art develops alongside the Melvillean hero. The author ...
    • Cameras as Cultural Stressors in Changing the Immune System: Implications for NASA’s Astronaut Program 

      Dollinger, Christina (2018-12)
      Previous studies of camera effects have focused on behavior change or privacy invasion. There have also been numerous studies on the effects of stress on the body and how it effects the immune system. No one yet has ...
    • Cameron Miller - Doctor of Musical Arts - Doctoral Recital 

      Miller, Cameron (2019-10)
      Concerto in E-flat Op. 109 / Alexander Glazunov (1865-1936) -- Sonata Op. 29 : 1. Andante maestoso; 2. Allegro energico / Robert Muczynski (1929-2010) -- Lessons of the Sky / Rodney Rogers (b.1953) -- INTERMISSION -- Fuzzy ...
    • Cameron Miller - Doctor of Musical Arts - Doctoral Recital 

      Miller, Cameron (2020-11-20)
      Caprice en Forme de Valse / Paul Bonneau (1918-1995) -- Prelude, Cadence et Finale / Alfred Desenclos (1912-1971) -- Light of Sothis: I. Grace; II. Passion; III. Faith / Amy Quate (b. 1953) -- INTERMISSION -- Hard Too Hard ...
    • CAMKK2 Promotes Prostate Cancer Progression through Independent Intrinsic and Extrinsic Roles 

      Pulliam, Thomas Loyd; 0000-0002-5440-1008 (2021-05)
      Calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase kinase 2 (CAMKK2) is emerging as a promising therapeutic target due to its roles in driving several pathological conditions including metabolic disorders, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s ...
    • Campus Leadership Institutional Process Practices That Positively Impact the Completion Rate of Economically Disadvantaged Students 

      Loyde, Delic (2013-05)
      This study examines the relationships between principal decisions regarding school institutional processes and practices in high poverty high schools in one school district and the impact of those decisions on the high ...
    • Can Animals Understand That Others Have Minds? Putting Psychology, Biology, and Philosophy Back Together Again 

      Buckner, Cameron (2017-10-25)
      Researchers have proposed only humans can understand that others have minds, and that this fact explains our distinctive abilities to learn language, cooperate politically, use tools and technology, and pass on a complex ...
    • Can Exercise Reverse Binge Alcohol-Induced Brain Damage? 

      Maynard, Mark E. (2013-05)
      Binge pattern drinking is characterized by excessive alcohol intake, combined with multiple periods of intoxication and withdrawal. This excessive consumption produces gray and white matter cell loss and cognitive impairments, ...