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    • Jackson Neal 

      Neal, Jackson (2019-04-24)
      Jackson Neal is a freshman at the University of Houston and a three-time member of Houston’s premier youth poetry slam team, Meta-Four Houston. He is the 2017 and 2018 Space City Grand Slam Champion, a 2018 National Young ...
    • Jake Heggie's Another Sunrise: Krystyna Zywulska and the Nature of Survival 

      McKnight, Lynda Keith (December 2)
      Jake Heggie’s solo chamber opera Another Sunrise premiered in May 2012, with a libretto by Gene Scheer. The work was commissioned by Seattle’s “Music of Remembrance,” a group that dedicates itself to exploring and preserving ...

      Schrripa, Giulia (5.2019)
      The focus of my thesis is the appropriation of the methodology of Workerism in Untitled (12 Horses) by Jannis Kounellis and Autoritratto by Carla Lonzi. The project started out of my curiosity for the history of "poor" ...
    • Jenny Staff Johnson 

      Johnson, Jenny Staff (2016-10-12)
      Jenny Staff Johnson is a lifelong Houstonian. Her fiction and essays have appeared in publications including in Tin House’s Open Bar Blog, Literary Mothers, and New Dead Families. She holds a Master of Public Affairs from ...
    • Jeremy Amorin 

      Amorin, Jeremy (2018-04-25)
      Jeremy Amorin is a writer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur from Houston, TX, who aspires to be a renowned name in original fiction throughout the world. He is a first-generation American—both of his parents are from Accra, ...
    • Jewish Women in the Concentration Camps: Physical, Moral, and Psychological Resistance 

      Anderson, Anna Marie 1985- (2013-09-11)
      This thesis examines the methods of resistance used by Jewish women in the concentration camps. These women based their resistance on their pre-camp experiences, having learned valuable skills during the economic crises ...
    • Jitters in Operating Systems for the Internet of Things 

      Pandey, Navneet 1992-; 0000-0003-1859-0988 (December 2)
      The Internet of Things (IoT) is an extension of the internet into the physical world through the use of sensing, actuation, control, and interaction with embedded devices. A large number of IoT devices are being deployed ...
    • Jiyoon Lee 

      Lee, Jiyoon (2017-09-20)
      Jiyoon Lee is a poet and translator whose most recent publication is "Poems of Kim Yideum, Kim Haengsook, and Kim Minjeong," the collection of contemporary Korean poetry, for which she collaborated with Jake Levine, Don ...

      Muhammad, Irileria D. S. (2014-12)
      Job satisfaction, across career fields, is not the result of just one factor and may be based upon compensation, work environment, professional development and advancement opportunities, as well as administrative support ...
    • Joe Reece 

      Madrid, Andrea (2018-04-25)
      Description: This is an oral history interview with Joe Reece that is part of a Hurricane Harvey Oral History Research Project. Mr. Reece was interviewed on March 29, 2018, at his home in Sugar Land, TX. He was a victim ...
    • Joint Torque Instrumentation in a Pediatric Exoskeleton 

      Akinwande, Samuel; Eguren, David; Kilicarslan, Atilla; Gorges, Jeff (2017)
      Background. There are 300,000+ children in the US living with ambulatory disorders. Many of them rely on wheelchairs, which cause health complications due to their sedentary nature. The UH-BMI lab is developing a powered ...
    • Jonathan Meyer 

      Meyer, Jonathan (2014-09-17)
    • Joshua Gottlieb-Miller 

      Gottlieb-Miller, Joshua (2016-10-12)
      Joshua Gottlieb-Miller received an MFA in poetry from the University of Houston; after a few cold years up north he has returned for his PhD. Previously he served as Poetry Editor for Gulf Coast and was awarded an Inprint ...
    • Judicial Independence of State Administrative Courts in Mexico 

      Mena-Mora, Amalia 1975- (May 2013)
      The purpose of this research is to examine the key factors that influence judges’ decision- making in subnational arenas. I extend extant arguments about judicial independence at the federal level to the subnational level. ...
    • Jump in, the Water is Fine: Job-Embedded Teacher Professional Development 

      Horner, Glenda (2011-05)
      This qualitative study explores teacher professional development with an eye directed towards job-embedded professional development, specifically the enactment of differentiated instruction (DI) utilizing the services of ...
    • Jurassic-Cretaceous Stratigraphic and Structural Evolution of the Northern Yucatan Margin, Gulf of Mexico Basin 

      Steier, Andrew 1990- (May 2018)
      The Gulf of Mexico (GOM) basin formed during Triassic-late Jurassic rifting as the Yucatan continental block rifted to the southeast away from its northern GOM conjugate margin. During a second, late Jurassic-earliest ...
    • Justin Jannise 

      Jannise, Justin (2017-09-20)
      Justin Jannise grew up in Liberty, Texas, and has lived in Houston since 2015. He studied poetry at Yale and the Iowa Writers' Workshop. Justin's work has appeared in Columbia Journal, the Yale Review and The Awl. He likes ...
    • Kaj Tanaka 

      Tanaka, Kaj (2017-09-20)
      Kaj Tanaka's stories have been featured in Longform, selected for Wigleaf’s Best (Very) Short Fictions, and nominated for the Pushcart Prize. He is the nonfiction editor for BULL Magazine.
    • Kaj Tanaka 

      Tanaka, Kaj (2017-09-19)
      Kaj Tanaka's stories have been featured in Longform, selected for Wigleaf’s Best (Very) Short Fictions, and nominated for the Pushcart Prize. He is the nonfiction editor for BULL Magazine.
    • Karankawas - Reexamining Texas Gulf Coast Cannibalism 

      Seiter, Timothy (5.2019)
      In 1688, the Karankawa Peoples abducted and adopted an eight-year-old Jean-Baptiste Talon from a French fort on the Texas Gulf Coast. Talon lived with these Native Americans for roughly two and a half years and related an ...